Trans Pride Brighton & Hove: venue for park event changed due to extreme weather conditions

July 14, 2023

Trans Pride Brighton & Hove has released a statement announcing that tomorrow’s main park event, which was due to take place in Brunswick Square, will now take place across various venues in central Brighton due to extreme weather conditions.

In a statement, Trans Pride Brighton & Hove organisers said:

“Sadly, due to tomorrow’s extreme weather conditions we have been forced to change venues for our park event in Brunswick Square.

“We’ve not made this decision lightly but we feel we have no choice due to concerns regarding the safety of the performers, vendors, volunteers and attendees in an open area. We have decided instead to hold the event in various venues in central Brighton.

“Please beware that the planned route for the protest march will also be changed but both events will go ahead.

“As many of you know, we suffered significant financial losses this year so a low turn out poses a threat to Trans Pride Brighton. We will be unable to keep the Trans Pride Centre open as well as continue with our events and protests in the coming year if we do not raise significant funds this year. So if you planned to attend tomorrow please do show up and support regardless of venue.

“We’d like to say a massive thank you to all the venues that have taken on the event at such short notice.

“If you’re able, any donation to the Trans Pride Centre fundraiser will help us overcome this situation.

“It’s still out 10 year anniversary, so let’s make this year one to remember despite the weather.”