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Pride in London: the most bisexual yet?

Graham Robson June 8, 2019

London Bisexuals Meetup Group and partners aim to make Pride in London 2019 the most bisexual yet!

THERE are now four bi+ groups in the parade, taking place Saturday, July 6, including London Bi Network, Bi Pride UK, a float organised by London Bi Pandas, and London Bisexuals Meetup Group who are hoping to have the world’s first large pansexual flag with their walking group.

John G, the organiser of the London Bi Meetup, said: “Despite all the research to the contrary, many people still believe that bisexuality isn’t real – that it’s just a phase gay/lesbian people go through, or that (only) women use to tease straight men for attention, among other myths. Some don’t think bisexuals should be at Pride, especially anyone in a relationship(s) with a different gender.

“Showing up at Pride and being visible in large numbers helps dispel the myths, increases awareness, and holds our claim to this space that ought to embrace us. Besides being a great opportunity to connect with like-minded people. It’s exhilarating, self-affirming, and confidence-building and most folks feel like a superstar for a while!”

London Bi Meetup Group and the London Bi Pandas are still fundraising; the Bi Pandas for their float, and the London Bi Meetup Group to replace a big bi flag that was lost after 2018 London Pride.

To help raise money for a big flag, click here:

To help raise money for the float, click here:

To march with Bi Pride UK, click here: