PREVIEW: Drag and improv, in my city? It’s more likely than you think.

Ray A-J May 22, 2019

The dragged up duo Dragprov Revue are making their Brighton Fringe debut –and you won’t want to miss it.

IMPROV. Drag. What’s not to love?

Making their Brighton Fringe debut this year at Komedia are a side-splitting dragged up double act that are guaranteed to have you chuckling – Dragprov Revue.

The cheeky couple of imporvvers Eaton Mess and Christian Adore made their mark at last year’s Edinburgh Fringe, leaving the festival in fits of laughter, but they’re not done spreading their unique take improvisation comedy and theatre. Hungry for a taste of Brighton Fringe, the duo will be showcasing their fabulous concoction of music, mime, and made up stories, on May 22 and 23.

About the show, the duo have said: “Brighton just feels special to performers like us. It’s a place where cool and exciting things are being done, where there are vibrant queer and drag scenes (though we pride ourselves on our show being accessible and welcoming to everyone), and most importantly people here are really game for a laugh. The perfect recipe for Dragprov!

Give me a name and an occupation” are words that will not be heard from the quirky pair, as their whimsical blend of song and improvisation humour can be bellowed out of them on the spur of the moment, allowing them to craft music out of thin air by just seeing a member of the audience. Their chirpy brand of humour finds it roots in the so-called firey relationships between the self-described Softboy King and fruity Queen, but the quick quips and jabs towards one-another always feel charming.

With a good old plate of RuPaul’s glamour and a dash of Whose Line Is It Anyway, the duo will be serving you “wit as sharp as their contours, jinks as high as their brows, and memories that will stick with you longer than last night’s glitter.”

If you want to hear a song about a broken toilet, or the life of politician’s cat, you should grab yourself some tickets here.