Brighton & Hove Lib Dems win Penhaligon Award for recruitment of new members

Gary Hart September 24, 2015

Brighton & Hove Liberal Democrats have won the Penhaligon award in recognition of their ability to recruit and enthuse new members.

L to R: Liberal Democrat President Sal Brinton, local party activist Jeremy Gale, local party Chair Paul Chandler

The award was presented by Liberal Democrat President Sal Brinton at the national party conference in Bournemouth on September 23. It recognises the local party’s recent achievements, which include doubling membership numbers, forming a partnership with Liberal Youth and the appointment of new ward leaders to launch a strong campaign for the next council elections in 2019.

Baroness Brinton said; “The Penhaligon Award is awarded to the local party which demonstrates the greatest increase in party membership together with activities to deliver and involve members and activists. This has been more than amply demonstrated by Brighton & Hove local party. 

The trophy was presented to Chair of the local party Paul Chandler and active local campaigner Jeremy Gale, who accepted the award on behalf of all members of Brighton & Hove Liberal Democrats. 

Speaking after the presentation, Paul Chandler said: “This is an honour and a surprise. Jeremy and I are delighted to represent all the officers and members of Brighton and Hove Lib Dems who have worked so hard to fight back after the shocking defeat in May.”