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Open Mic II – ‘The Gift’ – Christmas Eve service with The Village MCC

Besi Besemar November 13, 2017

Every Christmas,  The Village MCC Brighton & Hove offer a Christmas Eve service like no other.

There are many Carol services with amazing choirs in gothic churches all over the city – The Village MCC enjoy doing something different!

Last year they held an Open Mic Christmas Eve service filled with music of all kinds. It included beautiful quartets, torch songs, Jazz pieces, original music, a little poetry, and was lots of fun. A celebration well and truly rooted in the LGBT+ communities, and as diverse as you can get.

This year their theme is The Gift. At the centre of the celebration will be a ‘pass the parcel’ game, as well as music from local talent.

YOU are more than welcome to go along and perform yourself. Just call Michael on 07476 667353 by Monday, December 18 to let him know.

The service, will be followed by drinks and food.  You are most welcome to take something along to share, but you don’t need to.

This is a fun and unique way to spend your Christmas Eve with the Spirit of the season being honoured in a truly unique way. There will be no sermon, however, prayers and open communion will flow between music.

The Village MCC Brighton and Hove is a church created by LGBT+ christians, their families, friends, and allies, a Metropolitan Community Church called to support the LGBT+ communities in whatever ways it can offering a safe space where anyone can feel at home, fully affirmed in their sexuality and gender identity.

Church members are active in the larger community, offering emergency aid and support to the homeless and vulnerably housed.

Their minister, Rev. Michael Hydes, offers spiritual direction and pastoral care. You are welcome to join then for worship every Sunday evening at 6pm

Event:  Christmas Eve Service: Open Mic II – The Gift with Brighton & Hove Village MCC Church

Where: Somerset Day Centre, 62 St James’s Street, Brighton, BN2 1PR

When: Sunday, December 24

Time: 6pm

Cost: No charge for attending