Nancy Platts: Labour Parliamentary Candidate for Brighton Kemptown and Peacehaven

Nancy says she came to politics quite recently because,“my passion is making things happen”.

Nancy Platts: Labour Parliamentary Candidate for Brighton Kemptown and Peacehaven

Nancy Platts: Labour Parliamentary Candidate for Brighton Kemptown and Peacehaven

SHE is not a career politician, has not worked for an MP, as a special advisor or a think tank, has not been part of the ‘Westminster bubble’ and she hopes this will make a refreshing change!

Nancy didn’t go to university because her parents thought they couldn’t afford it. She left school at 18 and has worked ever since. She got her first Saturday job at 15 and worked in a newsagent which she says she “absolutely loved!”

Her career has been varied: the Fire Brigade for 12 years’ and jobs with Diabetes UK, Breakthrough Breast Cancer, Asthma UK and Child Poverty Action Group to name a few.

If elected as your MP, Nancy says she wants to be a catalyst for change, working with people to get things done and listening to their concerns every day so she can ensure that Whitehall and Parliament realises what matters to the people who live here.

She lives close to St James’s Street in Kemp Town and loves the vibrancy of the local area. She goes for a run by the sea three or four times a week and completed her first 10k race in Brighton last month. At weekends, she can often be found with her partner on the South Downs; her favourite walk is from Ditchling Beacon across the Downs to either Lewes or Devil’s Dyke finishing up at one of the lovely country pubs.

Nancy’s position on the Stonewall Equality Manifesto: To download Manifesto, click here:

“I support the Stonewall Equality Manifesto wholeheartedly. Throughout my life, both professionally and personally, I’ve always been passionate about equality.

“Whether it was marching at Pride, being a feminist, equalising the age of consent, supporting equal marriage or my work as an anti-poverty campaigner successfully lobbying for a children’s centre in every community, I believe that equality should be at the heart of everything we do as a society. And equality means more than just acceptance.

“An equal society is at ease with itself, celebrates the differences and becomes richer as a result. We’ve made progress but there’s still more to do.

Combatting homophobic, biphobic and transphobic hate crime: When it comes to homophobic, biphobic or transphobic hate crimes, a hate crime is a hate crime regardless of the motive and we must have zero tolerance. Everyone has the right to feel safe at home and on our streets. I have spoken at our vigils in Brighton and will also publicly show my support for our LGBT community.

Statutory PSHE and Sex and Relationships Education for primary and secondary schools in England: Tackling hate crime starts with promoting understanding through education and good communication and this must start at school. We all remember Section 28 and must move forward to ensure that proper inclusive PHSE sessions consider the broad range of LGBT issues. In particular, schools need to tackle bullying based on sexuality. Many local schools are already doing good work and they have my full support.

Reviewing the law affecting trans people: Brighton has a significant trans community who deserve better. Trans people are equal citizens and I support a review of the laws, especially the Gender Recognition Act, to ensure they truly have equal rights.

International Aid: As a progressive nation we have a responsibility to not just put our own house in order but also lead the way internationally. That means standing up for LGBT equality here in the UK and abroad. It’s an affront to all our rights that being gay is still illegal in so many countries across the world and also still punishable by death in some places. Britain can take a stand on that by supporting relevant organisations on the ground overseas.”

Nancy’s position on the future Commissioning of Health Services and how that affects the Sussex Beacon:

“We need good health care too and third sector organisations such as the Sussex Beacon have a vital role to play working with the NHS to provide specialist services. It’s been a successful collaboration and I have no hesitation in saying I’ll support such an ongoing partnership for the next five years.

“There are considerable skills and expertise being offered by the third sector workers to complement and enhance NHS services which should continue and developed. Crucially such partnerships mean that communities of patients with distinct needs can be both better served and listened to.

“The MP for Brighton Kemptown has a particular responsibility to be a champion for LGBT equality in the House of Commons. I’ll always speak up and I pledge to continue working with local groups to that end.”

For a full list of candidates standing in Brighton Kemptown and Peacehaven, click here:

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