LGBTQ+ Durham university students face online harassment

Rachel Badham October 25, 2020

Students from an LGBTQ+ association at the University of Durham have reported an incident in which a group of 15 ‘hijacked’ a Zoom meeting and harassed them.  The LGBTQ+ society students told the BBC they felt ‘threatened’ after they were verbally assaulted and had their video call – which was an event for new students already facing Covid-19 restrictions – disrupted by ‘loud music and sexually explicit videos’. The cyber attackers were able to join the Zoom meeting through an address shared by the LGBTQ+ group for the welcoming event, but none have been identified.

A representative of the university insisted discrimination against LGBTQ+ students will ‘not be tolerated’, with a member of the society adding: “To hijack an event like this in such an aggressive and targeted way is nothing less than a hate crime.” They also suggested there was a ‘toxic culture’ of prejudice at Durham, saying: “The fact that this was not simply an individual acting alone, but rather a co-ordinated attack from a number of people, is a reminder of how routinely unsafe and unwelcome our community is made to feel.”

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