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Lesbians denounce LGB Alliance

Rachel Badham December 30, 2020

Many members of the lesbian community have hit back at the controversial hate group ‘LGB Alliance’ after it claimed trans people were causing lesbians to ‘go extinct’. The LGB Alliance, which is known for trans exclusion and has published many anti LGBTQ opinions, laughingly told The Telegraph the lesbian community is diminishing due to “disproportionate” focus on trans people which the group states is eroding women’s rights.  The Telegraph platformed this shameful anti trans propaganda. 

However, many lesbians have denounced the LGB Alliance’s false claims and shown their support for the trans community by using the hashtags #notextinctlesbian and #lwiththet.

The online movement began when Lou Englefield, director of UK organisation Pride Sports, shared photos of herself from 1998 and 2020 with the tag ‘Not Extinct Lesbian’, in reponse to the LGB Alliance. Many other lesbian women followed, sharing pictures of themselves and pointing out the community was still thriving and supported trans people. Englefield was praised by Sports Media LGBT, which tweeted: We’re very much here for the Twitter roll call of #notextinctlesbian – great idea Lou!”

The LGB Alliance has also been criticised by MP John Nicolson, who likened it to a hate group: “I call the LGB Alliance sinister because it is. It’s milking the gullible for cash by claiming it is championing gay rights. Under no circumstances should they get charitable status. The Charity Commission should take one look at its abusive tweets.” Despite widespread criticism, the group continues to deny that it is transphobic, anti LGBT and has also refused to distance itself from it’s ultra right wing supporters who are connected to neo-nazi groups, and they have registered to be an official charity with the Charity Commission. The Commission has not yet made a decision on the group’s request.

A petition has called for UK media outlets to stop uncritically platforming the anti-trans group, LGB Alliance. The petition, created by Scottish actor, director and LGBTQ+ activist, David Paisley, has now amassed over 12,000 signatures, with the aim of reaching 10,000. It reads: “The LGB Alliance are widely thought of as an anti-LGBTQ+ hate group, as such any discussion in the UK media should frame them with respect to how they are perceived by the LGBTQ+ community. Read more & sign the petition here