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Legends’ new boss carries on fundraising tradition

Chris Gull July 13, 2022

Erica Hann, the new boss at Brighton LGBTQ+ hotspot Legends, continued  the tradition of supporting the Brighton Rainbow Fund on Monday, July 11 by jumping out of a plane.

Erica and her partner bought Legends from Tony Chapman earlier this year. Tony and Legends have been  important supporters of the Brighton Rainbow Fund ever since James Ledward and Paul Elgood started the Fund in 2010.

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Chris Gull is Chair of the Brighton Rainbow Fund, said:¬†“We are a central hub for LGBTQ+ community fundraising in Brighton & Hove. We distribute the funds as grants to local LGBTQ+ and HIV projects, organisations and groups, through grants.

“It is brilliant to see Legends continuing the tradition of raising funds for the Brighton Rainbow Fund, showing that they understand and support the concept of venues and donors raising funds for ALL the local LGBTQ+ and HIV groups and organisations and the hundreds of members of our communities that they support, including small and grassroots volunteer led groups and projects.”

The total raised stands at £345 at the time of writing.

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