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International Olympic Committee launches new framework on TNBI inclusion

Rachel Badham November 18, 2021

In honour of Transgender Awareness Week (November 13 – 19), the International Olympic Committee (IOC) has announced “groundbreaking” new guidelines on “Fairness, Inclusion & Non-Discrimination on the Basis of Gender Identity and Sex Variations.” Issued as part of the “IOC’s commitment to respecting human rights”, the framework acknowledges the importance of creating a “safe, harassment-free environment” for all athletes.

It was created following a two-year consultation process with over 250 athletes and concerned stakeholders, and offers a “10-principle approach” to help individual sporting bodies develop regulations that are applicable to their sport. The framework states that it is the responsibility of “each sport and its governing body to determine how an athlete may be at a disproportionate advantage compared with their peers, taking into consideration the nature of each sport.”

In regards to TNBI athletes, the framework aims to ensure that the competition in men’s and women’s sporting categories is “fair and safe, and that athletes are not excluded solely on the basis of their transgender identity or sex variations.” However, it noted that “precautions should be taken to avoid causing harm to the health and well-being of athletes.” Following the release of the regulations, the IOC is now conducting a “comprehensive roll-out phase” to support athletes and sporting bodies as they adapt to the framework.