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Gscene profiles some of our new LGBTQ+ MPs

December 24, 2019

As the newly elected parliament is opened, over the coming days we will be profiling some of the new LGBTQ+ MPs who have been elected to the House of Commons.

Their inclusion on our site does not indicate that they campaigned on LGBTQ+ issues, although we will report as such if they have, but that they are openly ‘out’ and as such have the opportunity to represent our broadening communities in parliament.

John Nicolson for the Scottish National Party has taken the Ochil and South Perthshire seat from Conservative Luke Graham. Mr Nicolson is no stranger to Westminster having been ousted from his East Dunbartonshire constituency in 2017 by Jo Swinson who in 2019  in turn lost the seat again. Nicolson now has a majority of 4498 votes in his new position.

He said of his victory: “I’m very pleased with the result across Scotland, but my pleasure is tempered by what I see south of the border. Boris Johnson has a thumping majority. It’s terrifying what that means for the constituency and the country. I intend to go down to Westminster to fight hard to resist the sort of policies Boris Johnson will implement.”

Nicolson has spoken openly about LGBT issues in sport, particularly football. He has previously said to the Commons Culture, Media and Sport Committee: “I understand there are three players in talks with the FA about coming out, and they haven’t done so yet.

He told The Telegraph newspaper in an interview: “I do think it’s important that football players come out. It’s our national game. And for many kids soccer players are role models. What does it say to a vulnerable gay kid being bullied at school when rich, famous, adult soccer stars are too scared to reveal who they are? It must make the kid feel a real sense of hopelessness.”

Whilst acknowledging any potential abuse that may await a player who does eventually take the first steps to come out, Mr Nicholson went on to say that the lack of gay footballers shames the game.