Government announce tougher sentences for violent crime

Besi Besemar December 7, 2012

Simon Kirby, MP

The Government have introduced a raft of new criminal offences and tougher sentences for violent crimes. Anyone who commits two very serious sexual or violent offences will get a life sentence, those who try to destroy our communities by threatening and endangering people with knives will face a mandatory custodial sentence and those who devastate lives by dangerous driving will face the harshest penalties.

Simon Kirby, MP for Kemptown & Peacehaven has welcomed the new tougher sentences.

He said:

“Criminals should be in no doubt they will be punished for their crimes, with those who commit the most serious offences receiving the most severe sentences.

“I particularly welcome the Government’s efforts to tackle knife crime, with a new offence of ‘aggravated knife possession’ carrying a mandatory prison sentence of at least six months for adults, while 16 and 17 year olds will face a mandatory four month Detention and Training Order. Knife crime has blighted communities and destroyed lives for too long, and this Government is determined to get a grip on the problem.

“I am pleased that the Government has taken action to set out how a tough but intelligent sentencing framework, coupled with more effective rehabilitation, will enable us to break the cycle of crime and re-offending.”