GMFA Chief Executive moves on

Gary Hart July 20, 2016

GMFA’s CEO, Matthew Hodson, leaves the charity to take up the post of Executive Director with NAM.

Matthew Hodson
Matthew Hodson

The CEO role at GMFA will be filled on an interim basis by the current FS editor, Ian Howley.

Matthew joined GMFA, the gay men’s health charity, in 1999, working for the Positive Campaigns Group and developing GMFA’s Mass Media Campaigns.

In 2006 he became GMFA’s Head of Programmes and in 2013 the Chief Executive Officer.

GMFA provides frank sexual health information and advice to hundreds of thousands gay and bisexual men each year through its group work, social media campaigns, sexual health website and FS magazine.

Matthew said: “Over the 17 years that I’ve been at GMFA I’ve seen enormous changes in terms of what we know about the impact of treatment on both life-expectancy and on the risks of sexual transmission. Although people now can live long and healthy lives with HIV there remains a huge burden of stigma attached to this virus. I am particularly proud to have ensured that the voice of people living with HIV has been heard in our efforts to prevent new infections and to tackle HIV stigma.”

Ian Howley
Ian Howley

Interim CEO Ian Howley, added: “I’m excited about taking on the role of GMFA’s Interim Chief Executive. I’ve been with this wonderful charity since 2010 and I’ve witnessed first-hand the positive impact GMFA can have on gay and bisexual men’s lives. This is a challenging financial environment for any charity but I believe everyone involved with GMFA has the drive and commitment to make sure we continue to support and empower gay and bisexual men to create positive personal and social change within our community.”

Referring to his new role at NAM, Matthew Hodson, said: “Throughout my time working in sexual health I have been greatly indebted to NAM for their high quality, clear and reliable information resources. I am excited by the opportunity to take on a leadership role within the organisation. I look forward to ensuring that NAM continues to support people living with HIV, medical and public health professionals and organisations and communities around the world and to build upon NAM’s crucial role in challenging HIV-related stigma and discrimination through the provision of accurate, reliable and independent information.”

He added: “GMFA has taught me so much and I’m enormously proud of everything that we have achieved together, and grateful to all the supporters, volunteers and colleagues who have inspired me with their talent, passion and dedication.”