Gay Icons chosen as theme of Pride’s LGBT Community Parade, 2013

Besi Besemar February 23, 2013


Brighton Pride organisers have renamed the annual Pride Parade the LGBT Community Parade and have chosen Gay Icons as the theme for this years extravaganza.

Gay Icons will be a celebration of individuals that the LGBT community have historically found to be important and inspirational through their work or life stories and those who have changed all our LGBT lives and rights through their work and deeds or simply by the force of their characters and attitudes regardless of their own sexual orientation.

The concept artwork for Pride 2013 is based on the groundbreaking and iconic cover of the Beatles Sgt Peppers album that was released the very same year as the de-criminalisation of homosexual acts in the UK 1967 and contains images of those people suggested as icons by members of our LGBT community themselves via facebook.

The first image released represents only the tip of the iceberg so far.

The artwork is designed to be a constantly evolving piece of community development in the run up to Pride itself and the icons pictured will be ever changing to reflect what has been suggested by people in the community at large.

This is the very first time that the community has been able to be so closely involved with Prides imagery and Pride organisers are encouraging members in every part of the wide ranging LGBT communities in Brighton & Hove to get involved and tell them via facebook who their icon is and why.

To contribute your suggestion click here:

Pride director Paul Kemp, said:

“It was keenly felt by many community members that Pride should reclaim the word ‘Gay’ that in recent years has been commonly used in a derogatory fashion in society and especially among young people. We are thrilled to include the word ‘Gay’ and although it does not always adequately describe how diverse we are as a community it is a word we use with PRIDE!