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Finland to consider national ban on conversion therapy

Rachel Badham September 1, 2021

Finland’s parliament is due to consider a sweeping ban on LGBTQ+ conversion therapy after 50,000 people signed a petition demanding to bring an end to the controversial practice. The initiative was created by Perttu Jussila, who told YLE that the issue would not be “addressed without a citizens’ initiative”, hence why they decided to kickstart the process.

They continued: “It’s insane that conversion treatments have not been banned yet…The EU has condemned conversion therapies in its policy, and Malta already banned the treatments in 2016.” The Finnish Psychological Association has also condemned conversion therapy, saying earlier this year that it is “irresponsible” a ‘serious violation of human rights’, meaning that it is “in conflict with modern psychology.”

Meanwhile, LGBTQ+ conversion therapy continues to be legal in the UK. March 28 2021 marked 1,000 days since the government first promised to ban the practice, with Boris Johnson referring to it as “abhorrent”. A debate was held earlier this year but so far no official ban has been enacted, despite LGBTQ+ activists urging the government to take action.