Events to mark IDAHOBIT in Brighton & Hove on Tuesday, May 17

Graham Robson May 16, 2022

Brighton & Hove City Council‘s (BHCC) LGBTQ+ Workers’ Forum has announced a series of events to mark this year’s International Day Against Homophobia, Transphobia and Biphobia (IDAHOBIT) on Tuesday, May 17.

Founded in 2004, IDAHOBIT, which this year has the theme Our Bodies, Our Lives, Our Rights, aims to raise awareness of violence and discrimination against LGBTQ+ people, to drive positive change, and is now celebrated in more than 130 countries around the world.

The LGBTQ+ Workers’ Forum say: “IDAHOBIT reminds us that there is still a long way to go until all LGBTQ+ people are free and safe from harm.

“This year’s theme reflects community calls for asserting, protecting and claiming our rights to live our sexualities and to express our gender(s) freely, but also demanding to be free from physical violence, from harrowing conversion ‘therapies’, and from forced sterilisation of trans and intersex people.

“This year’s theme reminds us that many of us across the world live LGBTQ-phobias in their very flesh every day and that our bodies are being abused, ruining our lives. Our bodies are our lives. And we have a right to live free and in dignity!”

IDAHOBIT in Brighton & Hove on Tuesday, May 17:

IDAHOBIT Flag Health Walk: 12-1pm
A gentle community walk from the Kiss Statue to the Ledward Centre via Pavilion & Valley Gardens. Join the LGBTQ+ Workers’ Forum, who will be walking with their cycling sound system, being hugely visible, a strong vibrant community, and carrying their big collection of diverse LGBTQ+ flags.
All welcome, free. Meet at the seafront, end of East Street, at 11.30am.

IDAHOBIT 2021. Pic by Chris Jepson

IDAHOBIT Community Vigil: 6pm at Jubilee Square and the Ledward Centre.
Join community speakers, the Rainbow Chorus, and queer, LGBTQ+ and TNB groups for a community vigil in Jubilee Square. There will be inspirational community speakers and music from the Rainbow Chorus. Create a minute of the loudest queer noise you can make. Vigil will be followed by nibbles and networking at the Ledward Centre. All welcome, free.

Inclusive Rainbow Flag to be flown from Town Halls
New inclusive Rainbow Flags will be flown from Brighton and Hove town halls. The LGBTQ+ Workers’ Forum say: “BHCC is committed to LGBTQ+ equality and supporting communities harmed by hate crime and visibility celebrates IDAHOBIT and shows its commitment each year to the diverse LGBTQ+ communities across our city be flaying the inclusive Rainbow Flag.”

IDAHOBIT 2021. Pic by Chris Jepson

To report Hate Incidents/Crimes, contact the Safer Communities Team HERE

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For more info on IDAHOBIT, CLICK HERE