Eight organisations named as ‘Stonewall Star Performers’

Besi Besemar December 26, 2014

New Stonewall Star Performers “take workplace equality to the next level”.

Stonewall Star Performer

STONEWALL THE LGB equality charity have launched a new programme to bring together top-performing organisations who over the years have consistently demonstrated good practice to support their lesbian, gay and bisexual staff.

The new Stonewall Star Performers ‚Äď named as Accenture, Barclays, EY, Gentoo, Goldman Sachs, Home Office, IBM and Simmons & Simmons ‚Äď will lead the development of best practice in Britain and around the world.

Star Performers recognises the work of eight organisations who have consistently been ranked as top ten gay-friendly workplaces in the annual Workplace Equality Index.

Star Performers lead their industry and will now work with Stonewall on pioneering initiatives that will define best practice for tomorrow. From launching global campaigns to revolutionising service delivery, Stonewall’s Star Performer organisations will share their expertise and pave the way for other organisations to follow.

Star Performers will actively mentor another employer who are working to create a workplace culture that is inclusive of lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans (LGBT) people. Through regular contact, the two organisations will develop strategies to transform workplace cultures across the country.

All Star Performers have agreed a number of challenging in-year goals with Stonewall to help drive the agenda forward in their workplaces. One of each Star Performer organisation’s goals is listed below:

Accenture will work with Stonewall on pioneering research into the impact that staff LGBT network groups can have on driving business and creating value for clients.

Barclays will launch a global campaign to engage straight allies and will hold events and awareness raising activities to increase the visibility of LGBT people in around the world.

EY pledges to strengthen its commitment to LGBT equality by increasing the visibility and reach of its LGBT network group to regional offices in the UK and Ireland.

Gentoo, a social business who provide housing in Sunderland, has committed to an ambitious programme of work to support older LGBT people in their homes as well as to help tackle domestic violence in same-sex relationships.

Goldman Sachs will work with their offices in India to build momentum around their network group for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender staff.

The Home Office pledges to continue to improve the situation for LGBT asylum seekers by continuing its work with Stonewall and LGBT staff to review how those fleeing persecution are treated

IBM will increase awareness of LGBT equality in offices around the world through a global mentoring programme.

Over the next three years, Simmons & Simmons will revolutionise how they engage with their suppliers and support them to improve their approach to workplace equality

Ruth Hunt
Ruth Hunt

Stonewall Chief Executive Ruth Hunt, said:¬†“All eight of our Star Performers have consistently proved that they can make the world a better place for lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans people. It is therefore only right that we harness their best practice and commitment to changing workplaces across the country and around the world. Each of our Star Performers has committed to an ambitious programme of work to improve the lives of LGBT people which will have real, tangible results. This takes workplace equality to the next level.”