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Proud Studios CIC and Trans Pride Brighton & Hove launch new collaboration celebrating inaugural Trans+ History Week

Graham Robson January 24, 2024

Beyond the Binary – The Spectrum Of Trans Joy is a group portrait project celebrating the inaugural Trans+ History Week, which is to take place May 6-12, capturing authentic joy, empowering the transgender community by promoting social cohesion, community spirit, and visibility.

In the realm of social justice and equality, representation matters. Building on the themes of his previous Identity Project, award winning photographer Chris Jepson aims to go beyond the confines of stereotypes and misconceptions by highlighting the resilience, beauty, and sheer happiness within the trans+ community.

Chris Jepson said: “By collaborating with local trans+ groups and individuals in the creation process and enabling them to tell their stories, the project aspires to provide a platform for self-expression, breaking down barriers and challenging preconceived notions.

“Beyond the Binary – The Spectrum Of Trans Joy is not just a portrait project; it’s a movement towards building a more inclusive society where every individual is seen, heard, and valued for who they truly are.”

Local trans+ groups and individuals are invited to join Proud Studios and Trans Pride Brighton & Hove in recording and spreading the captivating joy that transcends gender boundaries, creating a world where the trans community is recognised, celebrated, and embraced without reservation.

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