Communal recycling in the city centre

Besi Besemar March 24, 2013

Cllr Pete West
Cllr Pete West

A Brighton & Hove City Council consultation has begun on a communal recycling scheme for Brighton & Hove city centre.

The consultation sets out the pros and cons of communal recycling, with the positives including daily or regular weekday collections, convenience, and reducing the clutter caused by black boxes which are also blown around in bad weather, as opposed to more on-street bins and loss of some parking spaces.

A total of 32,000 households will receive leaflets and questionnaires inviting views on the proposals, which aims to see communal bins for mixed recycling (paper, card, cans and plastic bottles) placed in most city centre streets, near to communal refuse bins. Residents have until April 29 to respond.

Residents can also find out more at the following exhibitions:

Tuesday, March 26, Dorset Methodist Church, Dorset Gardens, 6pm
Wednesday, March 27, Hove Town Hall, 6pm
Thursday, March 28, Brighton Town Hall, 5.30pm

Councillor Pete West , Chair of the Environment and Sustainability committee, said:

”We look forward to hearing from residents living in the heart of the city and hope as many people as possible respond to the consultation.

“The aim of the proposals is to make it easier for residents to recycle, which will increase the city’s recycling rates, and to improve the environment in the city centre. We’ve set out the pros and cons of the proposal, so people can make up their own minds.”

If communal recycling is rolled out in the city centre, the council also plans to introduce incentive schemes to encourage residents to recycle more. This will include rewards for individuals and local communities.

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