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Come on Boys – show us your balls!

Besi Besemar April 10, 2015

Brighton Big Balls is back to protect those man parts.

Brighton BIg Balls

NOW in its third year, Brighton’s premier comedy run returns on May 10 in aid of male cancer charity Orchid.

Featuring in this comedy caper of a race is celebrity Norman Cook aka Fat Boy Slim who will be cheered on by wife Zoe Ball and family. \

Keeping it in the family; TV legend Johnny Ball will be on hand to start the competition at 12 noon, alongside Fat Boy Slim’s Big Beach Cafe at Hove Lagoon.

The event sees entrants stumble over the pebble beaches, groynes and man-made comedy obstacles whilst carrying two large gym balls under their arms.

The race number on the entrants hand matches the number on their balls and they must finish with their own balls. Apart from that – there are no rules! So chaos automatically ensues!

Dave Samuel, organiser and Brighton Big Balls big chief, said: “It’s only a short distance so a great event for everyone to get involved in. You don’t have to be particular fit to take part – laughing seems to be more the order of the day than running for this comedy-exercise”

Brighton Big Balls has a loyal and increasing fan base as it’s also become a spectator sport too with celebrity followers on social media helping to spread the word.

Although clearly aimed at men, lots of women also take part to show support. However ladies are being asked to wear a comedy moustache and run in a manly-manner. The female competitors even have their own competition for the best moustache of the day.

The Race commences at 12 noon from Hove Lagoon and runs to the King Alfred leisure Centre and back.

Registration is online and costs £25. Entrants are then expected to raise sponsorship via the charity just-giving page.

To register, click here:

Norman Cook
Norman Cook