Canadian University to raise 5 million dollars for equalities work

Graham Robson March 24, 2013

WEB.220The University of Alberta in Edmonton, Canada has launched a campaign to raise $5 million to take the work of its Institute of Sexual Minority Studies and Services (iSMSS) across Canada.

iSMSS operates Camp fYrefly, which since 2003 has helped more than 500 sexual and gender minority youth find the resilience and skills they need to become future leaders.

Donations will help iSMSS:
• expand Camp fYrefly into a national program;
• expand research programs and services;
• train the next generation of researchers and recruiting master, doctoral, and postdoctoral students from across Canada and the world;
• create an endowment to help support core operating funding.

For more info, and to donate, CLICK HERE: