Brighton Rainbow Fund joins One Lottery to create the BRF Lottery

Graham Robson August 24, 2020

The Brighton Rainbow Fund, which distributes community raised funds to local LGBTQ+ and HIV projects as grants, has joined with One Lottery to create The BRF Lottery.

Chris Gull, Chair of the Brighton Rainbow Fund, said: ‘With the necessary cancellation of our major fundraising events this summer, such as Pride and Brighton Bear Weekend, we have only a fraction of the usual amount of money to distribute to the projects that provide vital services to so many within our LGBTQ+ communities.

‘This year we are asking those in our communities who are able to, to consider making a small regular contribution, and buying weekly lottery tickets is a great way to do it, giving you the chance to win cash and other prizes while specifically supporting local LGBTQ+ and HIV projects. Please join us today ready for the first draw.’

The BRF lottery will be part of the weekly draw made by One Lottery, with a jackpot prize of £25,000. Tickets are £1 each and the first draw will be on Saturday, October 3.

For more details, and to sign up to choose your numbers, CLICK HERE

For more info on the Brighton Rainbow Fund, visit their website.