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Mayor appoints Amy Lamé London’s first Night Czar

Besi Besemar November 4, 2016

Amy Lamé co-founder of Duckie and chair of RVT Future is London’s first dedicated Night Czar and will work with Mayor of London Sadiq Khan, to help shape the future of the capitols nightlife.

Amy Lamé
Amy Lamé

To avoid any conflict of interest with her new role, Amy will be standing down as Chair of RVT Future.

Amy said: “I am honoured to be appointed London’s first Night Czar! But this amazing job means I must stand down as Chair of RVT Future so I can be totally impartial in my role. I will, of course, do all I can to safeguard the capital’s LGBT+ venues. The Mayor has thrown his weight behind the campaign to protect the RVT, one of the capital’s oldest surviving and most iconic LGBT+ venues. I’ll build on this great support in my capacity as London’s Night Czar. 

“I can’t thank the LGBT+ community, friends and allies enough for their generous support of RVT Future and our continued efforts to secure the venue and keep it thriving for future generations. Our work is not done! Rob Holley and James Cronin will co-chair RVT Future, driving an incredibly dedicated RVT Future executive team and volunteers towards a community buy-out.

“I’ll be working hard to stem the flow of venue closures across the capital – 50% of nightclubs and 40% of music venues in London have been lost since 2008. The closure – and threat of closure – to so many clubs, pubs and music venues must stop if London is to retain its reputation for world-class nightlife. I can’t wait to get started championing the capital as a 24-hour city for ALL Londoners!”

RVT Future will now be co-chaired by long-standing committee members Rob Holley (promoter of the RVT’s Push The Button, and charity sector Celebrity Manager) and James Cronin (digital entrepreneur and RVT punter for over 20 years).

Rob said: “Obviously we’re immensely proud of Amy and thrilled that City Hall have seen our campaign as such a shining example of what can be achieved! This is fabulous news for Amy, the Tavern, the campaign AND for London.”

James added: “It’s a major win for the campaign and the LGBTQ+ community, and it’s testament to all of our hard work and well managed, positive campaigning that RVT Future and Amy are taken so seriously.”

Rob and James will bring their combined talents to bear on launching the UK’s biggest ever community buy-out.

RVT Future are determined to ensure a thriving future for the Royal Vauxhall Tavern, and protect the iconic venue for future generations of LGBTQ+ people, by bringing it into community ownership.

Soon, performers, promoters and punters will be able to buy a piece of the RVT itself as well as a pint.

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