The Ledward Centre announces new Book Club event this Friday at 7pm

Chris Gull October 20, 2022

The Ledward Centre, Brighton’s new LGBTQ+ community and cultural centre in Jubilee Street, is holding its first Book Club this Friday evening from 7pm.

Author Adam Macqueen talks with Scene magazine reviewer Eric Page about Beneath the Streets and The Enemy Within, his second Tommy Wildeblood novel on Friday, October 21 at 7pm.

This first meeting is a Meet the Author event with Adam Macqueen reading extracts from his second Tommy Wildeblood novel, The Enemy Within.

Adam Macqueen

Readers of the previous novel Beneath the Streets will be familiar with the book’s hero, Tommy, a former rent boy, turned investigator.

Eric Page recently reviewed The Enemy Within for Scene magazine, and will be talking to Adam at the event about the book, and about Tommy Wildeblood.

Here’s part of Eric’s review…

“Tommy Wildeblood, an ex-rent boy who knows too much gets dragged down into the terror plot of the decade threatening the life of the prime minister and the man he loves but struggles to understand or trust.

Adam Macqueen has a real skill in keeping the narrative tension slowly rising as the book progresses, and folds in character and plot lines so that the tension is wound tighter and tighter.”¬†Eric Page.

You can read the complete review of The Enemy Within here

The inaugural Book Club event, rescheduled from September 8, is taking place in the comfortable Cafe-Lounge of the Ledward Centre. As well as talking to Eric about his books, Adam will be reading extracts from The Enemy Within, and answering questions from the floor.

Tickets are free and available here: