Brighton & Hove LGBTQ+ Switchboard publishes ‘LGBTQ+ Domestic Abuse Survivors’ Christmas Survival Guide’

Graham Robson December 15, 2022

With the year drawing to a close, Brighton & Hove LGBTQ+ Switchboard is reflecting on what might be needed for the coming months: connection, community care, liberation and acts of kindness.

According to Switchboard, Christmas can be a particularly dangerous time of year of domestic abuse survivors. In their new LGBTQ+ Domestic Abuse Survivors’ Christmas Survival Guide, the charity say: “Many services close, meaning that people are stuck without means of support if they’re in danger, or particularly struggling with something.

“There are a number of reasons why this happens, including financial pressures, being stuck in a house with perpetrators over an intense period and increased alcohol use.”

Switchboard believes if you are you’re in an abusive situation it’s really important that you know what to do to maintain your safety over the festive period.

The charity adds: “Being around abusive family members as an LGBTQ+ person can be particularly dangerous and triggering, especially during times of year where there is an emphasis on family and togetherness.

“We’ve put some helpful affirmations and reminders if you need them, as well as safety advice and tips to identify and reduce your risk of domestic abuse.

“We’ve also included tips to help you to respond if abuse happens. “If you know anyone who would benefit from reading or having this guide, please pass it on. We’re here for all LGBTQ+ domestic abuse survivors.”

Switchboard’s domestic abuse team will be away from December 23 until January 4. Any referrals made over this time will be picked up on the team’s return. If you need urgent help, call 999.

If you’d like someone to speak to someone over the festive period, Switchboard’s helpline will be open 7 – 9.30pm on Wednesday, December 28; Thursday, December 29Monday, January 2, 2023.

You can contact Switchboard’s helpline by calling 01273 204050, or via the webchat on the Switchboard website.

To access the LGBTQ+ Domestic Abuse Survivors’ Christmas Survival Guide, CLICK HERE