The Noise next door: Komedia: Review

June 17, 2013


Although this is traditional short form improv with some thunderous musical numbers mixed in the boys manage to keep the energy bubbling along and veering towards manic, this serves both to skip though the few weaker parts and also force the pace for what can often be a flagging comedic form. The fact that the lads managed to keep the audience on board and fired up for nearly all of their show just goes to show their skill and off the cuff lines mixed in with some carefully balanced and well thought out mixing of improv games and styles.

Opening with a big boy band number ‘perfect date’ was cute and fun and allowed each of the various lads to shine and introduce their various imrpvo skills, they are all good, in their own way. I always appreciate a good inspired rhymer though and there were some good perfectly formed lyrics in this and the further musical numbers they did, closing the first half with an Indi love song about a Sex Working Pokémon was pure improv delight.

For more info about this vibrant and bouncy troupe of talented young men see  their website here:

The second half was as strong, the audience loved them, and they pumped the audience till they wanted to shag them. I thought the lads coped well with the usual gutter level of suggestions requested from the drunken audience and it shows good management skills to allow some of the filth through while combining it with some more sophisticated offers from the audience which allowed the lads to do their stuff and shine.

This is rock improv, or Boy Band comedy although that sounds more dismissive than it should, these five gents worked very hard throughout the night to delight the crowd, worked well together as an improv troupe, sharing the space and mostly handing the best lines over to the next lad up and occasionally shamelessly hogging the limelight. Just as it should be.

You can see a bit of video of them here:

timthumbThe fact that they are also very easy on the eye and are squeezed into crotch hugging black trousers and flash a bit of flesh given the chance can’t do them any harm either, but they are vibrant on stage, keeping the levels of engagement up and giving the audience what they want, even making themselves laugh on occasion, which is always a good sign on talent. One of the lads is a local too, Charlie, not that you could tell and his Asian sex talk ‘Peek Peek Pikachu’ chorus with a utterly deranged roll of the eyes was a high point of my night. Kept me laughing all the way home

Most enjoyable, they are bound to fall out over some hot easy pair of groupies soon and rip themselves to shreds, catch them if you can these lads are on a roll.

Although this was the last night of their UK tour you can see any upcoming gigs on their website here, these boys get around a lot so they may be coming to a venue near you soon.

Great fun, i laughed a lot and left smirking at their cleverness.