Brighton Fringe Preview: BoxedIn Theatre presents WOOD

May 2, 2017

Camping is all fun and games. Until someone dies.

Following their 5 star smash-hit production of Romeo and Juliet, BoxedIn presents WOOD, an explosive piece of new writing that examines gender constructions, sexual labels, and what to expect when you go camping.

When a group of students arrange their Spring holiday, they’re pretty sure that they’re in for a nice, relaxing break. It’s a camping trip, right, what could possible go wrong? But when Tom discovers Nick lying dead in the middle of the camp-site, the trip takes a turn that none of them could have expected.

This summer, BoxedIn Theatre Company will be welcoming you on to the camp site to scrutinise the way that gender and sexuality is constructed in their newest production – WOOD. Audiences will join 6 students on a camping trip that goes horribly wrong, and will be whisked through the group’s history to ultimately ask – how well can we ever really understand ourselves?

And if the first performance catches your interest, come back the next night for something completely different. The show will be alternating between straight and queer performances, with actors playing characters of their own gender one night, and playing across genders the next. Be treated to two completely different productions of the same show, and watch as the way that gender is performed every day is brought to light.

All of this will be taking place in the context of an entirely new performance genre – BoxedIn developed the ‘Immersive-Lite’ style for WOOD, in the hope of creating a deeper connection with their audience by bringing them right in to the location where the story takes place.

Oli Savage, Artistic Director of BoxedIn Theatre, said: “Immersive theatre is incredibly powerful – it creates engaging pieces of theatre by bringing audiences right in to the location where the story takes place, in a way that is both challenging and entertaining. Immersive-Lite takes this one step further by bringing that location to them.

“We realised early on that we’re discussing a lot of important issues with WOOD, so we started asking ‘can we find a way to harness the power of this enchanting and unique genre while communicating with a wider group of people than usual?’ Someone had the idea of taking the show on tour, which seemed crazy at first, but the more we thought about it, the more it made sense. So the ‘Immersive-Lite’ style grew from that, and we’ve ended up with a show that can create deep and meaningful connections with a wide variety of audiences.”

Event: BoxedIn Theatre presents WOOD

Where: New Steine Gardens, New Steine, Brighton, East Sussex BN2 1PB

When: May 22 – June 4

Time: 7pm

Cost: Free

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