SPOTLIGHT ON: Brighton Fringe Part 1

Brian Butler May 2, 2022

A sideways look at Queer comic icon Kenneth Williams, a tongue-in-cheek nod at entertainer Michael Ball and Brighton’s Gay Men’s Chorus all feature in this year’s back-to-normal full-fat Fringe.

Queer comedian Kenneth Williams is the subject for Cult Figure- Kenneth Williams, at the new Rotunda Bubble Theatre in Regency Square, on 7 and 8 May, presented by Apollo Theatre Company and starring Colin Elmer.

Brighton Gay Men’s Chorus take 8 divas and Queer icons and put them through their paces in a reality tv setting. Only you decide who wins. The Divas concert is at St George’s Church on 6 and 7 May

Cocky and the Tardigrades is the latest offering by Richard Crane and Faynia Williams. It’s a futuristic peek at what might be a battle of the monstrous and the meek. It’s at Latest Music Bar on 7 and 8 May.

Unisex by Lea Sep is a one-woman show exploring the concept of feminism through comic and unapologetic story-telling. It’s in the cellar bar at The Brunswick on 9/10 May. Ay up Hitler! Probably distastefully reveals the Nazis planning of  world domination post-1945 in their Yorkshire hiding place. It’s at the Rotunda from 10-14 May.

Lionel and Cindy – The Greatest Love Story –  is also at the Rotunda from 12-15 May. It’s billed as a slip and a slide of naughty humour and a challenge to hetero-normative views of relationships and love.

Mike Bartlett’s terrific complex Queer dark comedy Cock is at the New Venture Theatre 13-21 My.  Boy meets girl, but boy is already living with boy – in this sharp and witty study of a man torn two ways.

Moral Panic, by Blue Dog Theatre is a tale of film censorship and murder. It’s at the Conclave 16-22 May.

In The Silver Bell, Mico loses the male love of his life to motor neurone disease; he should be grieving but he does the next best thing: he punches a hole in the universe and travels to parallel worlds. It’s at St Augustine’s Arts and Events Centre, 16-18 May.

F*ckboys by the 5 O’Clock Club, is a deep dive into a real-life story of boys, not men. It combines verbal storytelling and improvisation, asking is it Gay if I keep my socks on? Find out at Latest Music Bar, 16-19 May.

I ( Heart) Michel Ball is at The Lantern on 17/18 May. Split Infinitive takes us to the 10th bi-annual meeeting of the Michael Ball Appreciation Society, and there’s a fiendish plan to meet the blue-eyed boy from Bomsgrove.

Testimony by the Golden Age Theatre Company gives us 8 monologues about toxic masculinity, the Me Too movement, gender identity,police corruption, fake news and trans humanism. It’s at the Rotunda 17-20 May.

Look out next time for bodybuilders and action films, a Queer ventriloquist, a Queer revenge comedy, and a musical about laundry women.

In the meantime you can get details of all Fringe shows at