REVIEW: GODZ @ Vault – Brighton Fringe

May 31, 2024


Headfirst Acrobats

Brighton Fringe 2024

The Brighton Fringe 2024 is brimming with artistic spectacles, but one show that stands out for its dazzling blend of athleticism, comedy, and raw sensuality is GODZ. This award winning male acrobatic troupe – Heads First – is an unmissable highlight, especially for the LGBTQ audience who appreciate a mix of raw physical prowess and playful flirtation. GODZ delivers on all fronts, ensuring that every moment is packed with energy, charm, and awe-inspiring stunts.

From the moment the impressive lights dim in this purpose built geo-domed space, it’s clear that GODZ is more than just an acrobatic show; it’s an experience. The performers, embodying divine figures with a modern twist, bodies are chiselled, muscles defined and showcased under an excellent  lighting rig that accentuates every flex and movement. The sexy allure of the acrobats is undeniable, and they wield it with confidence, knowing exactly how to tease and engage their audience. They shower intimate sexy smirks down on the audience who enjoy the tongue in cheek charm of this troupe. These Boyz exhibit a natural comedic flair, interacting with the audience and each other in ways that are both charming and laugh-out-loud funny.

Among the many highlights of the show, the Diablo performer deserves special mention. His skill with the Diablo is the best and fastest I’ve ever seen, leaving the audience in awe with every flick of his wrist. The speed and dexterity with which he manoeuvres the spinning object are mesmerizing, making his segment a definitive showstopper. His performance is a masterclass in concentration and agility, earning him well-deserved applause and admiration.

There’s also a hilariously inventive Evil Nun segment that is as physically impressive as it is daft. Here, the acrobats don nun habits and engage in a series of gravity-defying flips and spins, with one performer embodying a possessed soul in need of a good exorcism. The routine is filled absurd antics, bringing the house down with laughter. Despite the comedic tone, the physical feats performed are genuinely impressive, showcasing the acrobats’ versatility and strength. The combination of comedy and athleticism in this segment is a testament to the show’s innovative spirit, making it both memorable and entertaining.

The show’s structure cleverly balances between gravity-defying acrobatics and comedic interludes, ensuring that the audience is continually entertained. The physical stunts are nothing short of spectacular. From stunning break dancing, high-flying aerial acts to complex high balanced handstands and group pyramids, the acrobats push the boundaries of what the human body can achieve. Each routine is executed with precision and grace, leaving the audience in a state of amazement. The synchronization and trust between the performers are evident, showcasing their dedication and rigorous training.

GODZ interweaves humour into the performance, so well. With the comedic elements not just a break from the intense acrobatics; but integral to the show’s charm. The performers engage in playful banter and cheeky antics which are often endearing, creating a sense of camaraderie between the performers and the viewers. It’s clear that the creators of GODZ understand their audience well, blending campy humour with moments of genuine connection and light-hearted fun.

The sexual tension in the air is palpable throughout the performance. The acrobats frequently engage in flirtatious interactions, both with each other and the audience.  There’s a fully naked section with four lithe nude men and three brass plates, it’s a traditional fun element but done here with an almost burlesque flair with gets more frantic as it develops. There’s an element of teasing that’s skilfully maintained, never crossing into the crass but always suggestive enough to keep the audience on the edge of their seats. This blend of tease and revelation is artfully done, making the section, and the show, as tantalizing as it is thrilling.

GODZ pays homage to classical themes while infusing them with modern, Metrosexual Laddish and LGBTQ-friendly sensibilities. The divine personas adopted by the acrobats are both a nod to mythological grandeur and a celebration of contemporary post-queer culture. This fusion is evident in the costumes, which are both minimal and extravagant, and the routines, which often play with traditional expectations.

The audience at Brighton Fringe is demanding and diverse, and GODZ embraces this diversity with open arms. The show is inclusive and celebratory, making everyone feel a part of the performance, with one lucky punter picked out for extra special flirtatious attention. These Boyz know their audience, and play to the gallery, hard.

Brian Butler who also watched these Godz perform adds: “ The Gods of Olympus as you’ve never seen them, gay, camp, and muscled, balance precariously on top of towers of chairs, swing way above our heads on trapezes, perform seemingly impossible feats of strength and balance. And they do it all with eroticism, humour, and quite a lot of nudity. These are the fittest four men you’ll ever come across n Brighton – go see.”

From the moment the curtain rises, GODZ captivates with its blend of high-octane acrobatics, fierce camp,  and flirtatious charm and is a must see of the Brighton Fringe once again. Time to get Greeced up with this hedonistic dive head-first into the lives of the ancient gods of Olympus!

Until 1st June

Vault @ Fools Paradise

St Peters

For more info or to book tickets see the Brighton Fringe website here:

Head First Acrobats have two other shows in the Fringe this year –  Creme de la Creme – another adult focused late night circus show, and Arr We There Yet – a kids pirate journey.