REVIEW: CSI: Crime Scene Improvisation at Brighton Fringe

June 8, 2024

CSI: Crime Scene Improvisation


Brighton Fringe

Hold onto your deerstalkers and get ready for an evening of hilariously absurd mystery-solving with CSI: Crime Scene Improvisation at the Brighton Fringe. This show is a fabulous fusion of daft characters, quick wit, and non-stop laughter, proving that sometimes, the most entertaining whodunits are the ones that barely take themselves seriously. Crime Scene Improvisation is a rip-roaring crime comedy entirely made up on the spot to solve a surreal murder chosen by the audience.

The full house at the Brighton Fringe was thoroughly entertained by this offbeat troupe, The Chandeliers, whose collective energy and camaraderie shone through in every scene. The daft but believable characters kept the audience hooked, each improviser bringing their unique flair to the table. The dynamic interplay between saving and abandoning each other not only raised the stakes but also cranked up the narrative tension, making each twist and turn more thrilling than the last.

One standout performer presented himself as Detective Clarke, a character whose deadpan delivery and sharp wit kept the audience in stitches. The audience was invited to contribute to the crime’s backstory, resulting in the delightfully bizarre case of Aaron Aubergine, a bagpiper killed by a kebab. This setup provided a perfect springboard for the cast to showcase their improvisational talents, spinning a web of suspects and motives that was as convoluted as it was hilarious.

The interactive element of the show was a stroke of genius, with the audience taking on the role of interrogators, grilling the various suspects with questions that ranged from the absurd to the downright ridiculous. This participatory aspect added an extra layer of fun and unpredictability, making every performance unique and ensuring that no two shows are ever the same.

The troupe’s ability to think on their feet and seamlessly weave audience suggestions into the narrative is nothing short of superb. Their chemistry and quick thinking keep the show moving at a brisk pace, ensuring there’s never a dull moment. Each member of the ensemble brings their A-game, whether they’re playing a bumbling sidekick, a shady suspect, or an over-the-top victim.

SI: Crime Scene Improvisation is a riotously funny show that is well worth catching. The talented ensemble delivers a masterclass in comedic improvisation that will leave you laughing long after the mystery is solved. If you’re looking for an evening of high-stakes, low-sanity entertainment, this is the show to see. It’s a crime to miss it!

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