Queer Britain, the first LGBTQ+ museum in Britain, joins nationwide movement to celebrate culture and creativity in communities

Graham Robson September 27, 2022

Exhibition at Queer Britain. Photo credit Rahil Ahmad

Queer Britain, the first LGBTQ+ museum in Britain, has joined a nationwide movement with a mission to celebrate culture and creativity in communities.

The Queerest Fun Palace in Britain is set to welcome the public on Sunday, October  2 as part of Fun Palaces annual Weekend of Celebration.

At Queer Britain, Granary Square, London, visitors of all ages can learn about LGBTQ+ heritage and culture in a family friendly environment and get creative with drawing, painting and clay workshops.

The Queerest Fun Palace in Britain is coordinated by Dan Vo, Head of Learning and Engagement at Queer Britain, with workshops to be run by children’s author, illustrator and founder of Pop’n’Olly Olly Pike, along with support from LGBTQ+ young people’s charity Just Like Us, which works to improve the lives of LGBTQ+ young people. The charity provides LGBTQ+ inclusive educational resources to help make school safer, happier and more welcoming places for all young people.

Dan Vo is a pioneer of queer representation and inclusion in the arts and culture sector having led on LGBTQ+ programmes at museums across the UK.

He said: “What I love about Fun Palaces is you give your space over to the community and they will tell you exactly what is wanted and needed from you. As a new museum, it’s a brilliant opportunity to connect with and listen to our community, while having fun.

“It will help set the tone for future community engagement and I am delighted Olly Pike and Just Like Us will be joining us as they are excellent champions of diversity, equality and inclusion.”

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