New exhibition ‘Queering Photography II: Identity Displaced’ to be shown at the Ledward Centre from Saturday, October 8

Graham Robson October 3, 2022

Socially Engaged Art Salon (SEAS) has announced its new exhibition Queering Photography II: Identity Displaced will be shown at the Ledward Centre in Brighton from Saturday, October 8, 3-6pm.

A collaborative exhibition of LGBTQ+ artists for Photo Fringe 2022 Real Utopias, and a sequel to SEAS’ 2021 exhibition Queer Photography: A Non-Definitive Survey, this new exhibition will explore and deconstruct the many facets of queer identity, highlighting how the ever-evolving, multiplicity of queer identities has the potential to engender a world without prejudice and discrimination – a queer utopia.

The exhibited work covers a wide array of photographic mediums from portraiture, underwater photography, digital art, AI imagining, collage and mixed media, studio photography and collaborative socially engaged practices.

Participating artists: Ben Sharp, Farah Way, Felicity Blades, Francesca Alaimo, Gil Mualem-Doron, One Youth LGBTQ, Pierre Monnerville, Reme Campos, Sofia Yala N’Lolo and Will Allen.

The exhibition is supported by Art Council England and Brighton & Hove Communities Fund.