Trans Pride Brighton Online seek acts for their live-stream Main Stage

June 24, 2020

Would you like to perform on the live-stream main stage at Trans Pride Brighton 2020?

Since Covid-19 is preventing Trans Pride Brighton from having a gathering this year, Trans Pride Brighton Online on Saturday, July 18 from 1pm will be a day dedicated to the empowerment of all trans, intersex and gender variant people.

The organisers are very open minded about performances, so whether you want to sing a song from your bedroom or share a pre-recorded video you have made, get in touch!

Requirements for Main Stage:

1. You can either live-stream your performance using your preferred streaming platform or send a pre-recording.

2. For poetry and spoken word, your work should be a celebration of trans and gender identity.

3. The main stage live-stream has to be family friendly and therefore adaptations will be required. (i.e. no swearing, discussion of adult themes and nudity.)

4. Local and international trans/non-binary/intersex people will be given an opportunity to participate with trans, non-binary/intersex BAME people (black, Asian, and minority ethnic) along with disabled people will be given a higher preference.

5. Cisgender (i.e. non-trans) artists are welcome to participate but only in partnership with trans, non-binary and intersex members.

6. You will be required to send all lyrics and poems in a word or PDF format, so Trans Pride can give it to their British Sign Language Interpreters.

If you would like to apply, please send the following to by midnight on Tuesday, June 30:

1. A brief description of your act.

2. How many people are in your act and their pronouns.

3. Whether you are live-streaming your performance of sending in a pre-recorded video.

4. Conformation that you identify as trans, non-binary or gender variant.

Stage Rules: 

In order to make the event a safe space, for everyone to feel included and for the day to run smoothly, please note the following rules:

Please respect everyone’s pronouns and identities. If unsure check with the person first or use gender neutral pronouns (they/them).

Please respect people from minority groups, any racism and bigotry will be severely dealt with.

No cultural appropriation will be tolerated, this includes white people with dreadlocks, yellow face, blackface, wearing of other cultures’ traditional dress etc.

Please make sure that you are aware of your time slot. If you aren’t sure, contact a stage manager who will be able to confirm your slot.

No playing over your allocated time limit, your sound will be cut at the end time. This is to ensure that the next performers are not jeopardised by late running.

Please make sure that you are not intoxicated. Anyone who is deemed intoxicated will be removed from the livestream.

And lastly, enjoy yourselves!

For more info on Trans Pride Brighton, visit their website here. or follow them on Facebook @TransPrideBrighton