TIN Releases Heartfelt Track Alongside Album ‘Dear Matthew’

Dale Melita July 5, 2024

Australian queer pop singer songwriter TIN has dropped a new single today, alongside the album by the same name called Dear Matthew. Known for his up-tempo and club-friendly tracks such as Serotonin and Buzzed (I loveeeee Buzzed, check out my review last year HERE), his latest takes a completely different turn as he opens up about his experiences being a person of colour in the gay community.

Dear Matthew is an open letter to someone who I met several years ago and embodies what I feel gay men deem to be ‘conventionally attractive’. I found myself spiralling whenever I would come across his social media because I’d get consumed by the fact that I would never be that. As a whole, the song is about people who we use to bring ourselves down by making out their lives to be far superior, whether it be in looks, social status, career etc.”

The music video is stripped back and raw as TIN holds back tears, watch it below🥹.

The album is completely produced by TIN’s partner, Lostchild and is not without its moments of hedonistic highs and somber lows. With tracks such as New Toy about delving into the world of drugs or Like I Never Said Goodbye being a heartfelt story of three different encounters, “I wanted this album to be about my experience of entering the world of partying and what it’s been like fully immersed in it. I would often find myself chasing an empty high just to fill a void or hopelessly falling in love because it felt like I didn’t deserve any better. With Dear Matthew being the focal track, most of the songs are in response to growing up feeling inadequate because of things that were out of my control.”

The album boasts seven new tracks, and although TIN says the album is to be listened to from beginning to end, each track is a moment of its own. Dear Matthew is now available on YouTube as well as all streaming platforms.

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