REVIEW: Sunday Social Club @ Patterns & The Dog Hauz

March 2, 2016

12072720_965907556799709_5322149554979217363_n44Sunday Social Club

Patterns & The Dog Hauz

Not knowing quite what to expect and turning up to a room filled with heads down hip and trendy people making, taping, painting, stitching, drawing, accessorizing dildo’s (yes, appliqué and sex toys…)  and generally being crafty, fun and Instagraming, this was a pleasant surprise. Part of the ongoing transformation of this venue into Patterns and their Sunday offering the Social Club.


With Eleanor Conway and her DJ team all the way down from far off London with her own twisted popular Musical Bingo providing the entertainment after the craft and making things had finished for 6pm, there was plenty on offer to engage a curious or just hung-over mind.

The musical bingo was fun and our glamorous and deeply ironic hostess kept the audience engaged and entertained with her throw away lines and sharp asides. Cruel, brutal and charming in equal measure this was a fun evening, with daft prizes and a warm silly atmosphere.

It is worth checking this out as a fun alternative to the usual offerings on a Sunday Night. There were lots of gay people in and a very friendly atmosphere, a wide mix of folk enjoying the tunes being spun for the musical bingo and the games and general daftness being encouraged by Conway.

She is the perfect broad for a hangover, slightly dangerous and filthy if she can be bothered; she keeps a keen eye on the ambiance, knowing just where to nudge, sweet talk, bribe or kick hard to keep it throbbing along.


The Dog Hauz in Patterns offers a full and filing tasty menu throughout the day & evening, so you can stuff your face with reasonably priced food while you enjoy the silliness around you.


We had a collection of hot dogs and a selection of chips; the hot dog selection was fresh, tasty and filling. We tried the Acid Hauz and Chilli Dog,  both tasty, sticky and satisfying and the Hot Mez; a lovely combo of thick beef frank, chilli beef, cheese and sour cream.  The chilli chips was a plentiful portion (you could be satisfied with just that)  and all the food came hot and quick to the table, the four cheese chips were sticky, cheesy and just right to soak up the excess and the chili Dog had just the right amount of bite and kick. The staff are efficient and friendly and the whole place is welcoming and a great place to spend a wet and windy Spring Sunday.

For view full menu for the Dog Hauz, click here:


Patterns and the Dog Hauz have revitalised this old venue and provided a new, clean fun and engaging place to relax with friends, enjoy a raucous evening out or just kick back, eat some hot dogs and enjoy the carefully crafted ambiance.

The club has been completely refurbished with new access and design, the toilets (god! those audio toilet were grim) have been ripped out and replaced with a cool new block in Hoxton deconstructive chic and the whole place feels fresh, friendly and new.

The new management promise a wide range of events, live music, club nights and plenty to interest and engage the LGBT discerning customers including a summer residency from the superb and funky Horse Meat Disco.

Sunday Social Club

Patterns & The Dog Hauz

10 Marine Parade