LGBTQ+ rapper Xcellence! drops new lyric vid for ‘Bring Em Out’

Graham Robson September 2, 2020

Xcellence!, one of musicā€™s most promising stars,Ā has dropped a fun and raucous lyric video for Bring Em Out, theĀ first single from his XX Junkies album, which hit all streaming services last month.

Set inside the artistically drawn ‘quarantine zone’, and with lyrics like ‘Xcellence! I got the game ho, for every block city girl, for the rainbow’, the song, which features artwork by Koloreverywhere, is a catchy, upbeat and timely jam with nods to his place in rap culture as an openly proud member of the LGBTQ+ community.

‘Bring Em Out is my mission statement. Itā€™s a PSA to the world to know that Xcellence! brings everybody out especially at a time when weā€™ve all been stuck inside.’ Ā said Xcellence!


Andre Xcellence, who performs under the name Xcellence!, recently emerged as one of America’s most stimulating new urban artists with a plan to take the Internet and world by storm. With catchy songs like Hava Tequila and XX Junkies, which currently sits at over 138,000 streams on Spotify, he provides something for fans of all genres of music. His first EP Iā€™m Coming 2.0 has had over 1.5 million streams.

For more info, visit the Official Website,Ā Instagram or Spotify