Jamie Irrepressible returns with queer sex positive indie-anthem

Dale Melita April 12, 2024

Ever listened to The Irrepressibles? Well you’re missing out if you haven’t-having amassed over 270 million streams on Spotify and an astonishing 8.1 billion streams on YouTube, vocalist Jamie Irrepressible has cemented his status as one of the most innovative and influential acts in contemporary music. He deserves way more credit as an LGBTQI icon, who’s been trailblazing songs about the gay experience for years!

LGBTQI international hits from The Irrepressibles include In This Shirt, Two Men in Love and The Most Beautiful Boy alongside collaborating with various artists in the world of electronic and dance music including Röyksopp (I love Röyksopp) and Tinlicker.

Jamie is back with the first new single from their upcoming 4th album – a queer sex positive indie-anthem called WILL YOU? out today so go stream HERE :).

Built around a refrain of Oh homo! Will you take me home? the tracks debuts with a beautiful video too featuring real life dancer gay couple and other queer performers from the London scene, made by Will Kennedy (previous work includes videos for Anna Calvi (I loveee Anna Calvi) and Hercules and Love Affair). Watch the exquisite video below:

As you can see, the video is set in the ‘afters’ of an abandoned bar drenched in colour and the early light of dawn.

Can WILL YOU? be the queer sex positive indie-anthem of spring 2024?