INTERVIEW: Matthew Callow talks about his new album Neon Moon

March 29, 2018

Matthew Callow talks about his music and mental health with Jason Saw, MindOut’s Service Manager.

Your new album Neon Moon is out now, you must be ever so excited? Oh I really am! Putting the album together has been quite a journey, which I started in 2015.  I have literally spent 3 years developing a sound that I now feel happy and confident with. It’s been fun experimenting with different ideas and influences which is something I have been unable to do with previous projects.”

You are performing lots at the moment, how’s that going? “Performing at festivals is my biggest love; it’s where I’m most confident. My album launch at The Marlborough Theatre was a very special event for me as I had worked so hard on the album and I wanted to share it with friends. I decided to make the event a fundraiser for MindOut. I cannot wait for Brighton Fringe this year. I have been attending shows at the festival for the past eight years and am so excited to be a part of this year’s line-up.”

Do you have a favourite track on the album? “Yes, it’s called This Life.  It’s the one track that gets people dancing. I would say it’s the happiest track on the album.  It has lots of electronic sounds, delays, reverbs and Yma Sumac styled growls, which I love!”

Is the whole album influenced by Yma? “Well, I’m a massive Yma fan, and love how she sang notes in the low baritone register as well as notes above the range of any ordinary soprano. The album has many eclectic influences; I wanted something that was mainly upbeat, and I found lots of inspiration with Goldfrapp, Marc Almond and the brilliant Bjork. I have battled with depression a lot in the past and music has been a great sanctuary for me. So I wanted to dwell on something that was mainly happy within the music.”

Why did you choose MindOut as a charity to support? “MindOut are just great, they really do go the extra mile when it comes to supporting LGBTQ people with mental health concerns.  I know many people who have benefited from the support they offer and I do know their work to be both life changing and lifesaving, so I always do my best to support the charity whenever I can. I have taken part in some of MindOut’s anti stigma events and I ran the Brighton marathon for MindOut a few years ago too, which was a combination of being one of the most traumatic and rewarding things I have ever done! I am very committed to supporting the work of MindOut, especially considering the high prevalence of mental health problems and suicidal distress in our communities.”

How’s your mental health at the moment? Well, it’s been a challenging few months for me as I have had a number of difficult changes in my personal life to deal with. I do lots of things to take care of my wellbeing which in turn helps me feel well mentally.  Music is my therapy, I talk about how I feel to friends I feel safe with and I try my hardest to get all the basics right e.g. health food, sleep, lots of fresh air and exercise.”

Matthew Callow’s album New Moon is out now and you can see him at the Latest Music Bar on May 6 and 8 as part of the Brighton Fringe.

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