Friendship Lounge with Queer in Brighton, Feb 14

Graham Robson February 12, 2021

On supposedly the most romantic night of the year, join Queer in Brighton on Zoom on Sunday, February 14 from 6.30pm to celebrate the truest form of love: queer friendship.


Start the evening off with a chat and end with a boogie! Queer in Brighton has invited some special guests to help delve into the joy that friendship brings into our lives. EJ Scott is going to guide you through making an original 70s cocktail/mocktail, and you’ll get to sip it together while enjoying lounge beats from DJ XzanIf that’s not enough, they will get you playing with words, and gestures, and challenge you to some creative tasks!
EJ Scott. Pic cred: Rosie Powell
The event is totally free but you need to BOOK your space to get your zoom link. You can also make a voluntary donation at checkout!
Upon BOOKING provide your postal address, so Queer in Brighton can send a little gift your way.
The evening will be live captioned. If you’d like to discuss access needs, email