September 30, 2022

Music has been embedded in my life ever since I was in the womb, my Mum and Dad basically raised me on music, especially POP music! I grew up listening to Madonna, Mariah Carey, Kylie Minogue, Spice Girls, Britney Spears… even AQUA! I love sharing my favourite songs and album every month with you all from Scene HQ! Follow me on Twitter @DaleMelita and Instagram @itsdalemelitabitch and here’s your #DaleyPOP playlist for this month.


Nicky DollAttention

One of my fave queens from RuPaul’s Drag Race (Season 12) has finally released her first bop and it’s very slinky and makes me wanna go out out! On Instagram, French queen Nicky Doll said “I’ve been wanting to work on my music project before I even started drag. This is the reason I initially moved to Paris. I wanted to get on stage, wear queer shit and sing.” Stream for clear skin and liberation.

David Guetta & Bebe Rexha I’m Good (Blue)

Omg when I first heard this song I’ll be honest with you besties, I hated it, but only because I loveeee the original Eiffel 65 Blue (Da Ba Dee) song, always have and always will. I was 10 years old when the original came out in January 1999 (omg I’m so old); it might be my first dance song at my future wedding 😛

Anyway, I heard I’m Good (Blue) a couple more times and it grew on me like there’s no tomorrow even though there is a tomorrow and now I’m filled with nostalgia! I hope this is the beginning of EDM making a comeback actually, fingers and toes XD.

Sam SmithUnholy (feat. Kim Petras)

Hands up who loves a pop collab!? Me too, so I was buzzing when British singer-songwriter Sam Smith teamed up with German pop artist Kim Petras (one of my faves) for this absolute tune! Sam said “Unholy was made in Jamaica and was one of the most glorious creative moments I’ve ever had as an artist,” and “It was so cathartic and freeing to experiment like this and throw out the rule book. It has also been an honour to work with Kim and get to witness her brilliance. This song is about liberating oneself from the clutches of others’ secrets…”

Ooooh sounds… sexual. Kim praised Sam, saying: “It is cool to meet another artist who is a really good writer and has a vision that’s their own,” and “I had the best time in the studio with them.” Naww.

Lil Nas XSTAR WALKIN’ (League of Legends Worlds Anthem)

Montero Hill aka Lil Nas X shared that he would “make the best Worlds anthem of all time and put on the biggest, coolest, sexiest Worlds in the history of all Worlds!” with this track and as Paris Hilton would say, “that’s hot.”

As part of his League Of Legends collaboration (League Of Legends is a multiplayer online battle arena video game in case you’re wondering…), Lil Nas X will perform STAR WALKIN’ live at the Worlds 22 Finals, which takes place on November 5 at San Francisco’s Chase Center… I’m not sure where we can watch this but it’ll end up on YouTube I’m sure so keep your peepers peeled!

Rema & Selena Gomez – Calm Down

Omg Rema & Selena Gomez vibe so perfectly together on this remix of Rema’s original hit, it all just sounds so effortless and… chill, which is what we all need sometimes.

Calm Down was first released from Rema’s debut studio album, Rave and Roses, which dropped earlier this year. The version of the song with Selena marks the pop star’s first slice of new music this year and apparently she’s back in the studio, yay, I’m still obsessed with Revival and Rare – the deluxe version!

drumaq – Dis N Dat (feat VanJess)

Continuing with the chill vibes… Hugely underrated, self-professed ‘gay slim shady’ drumaq aka Drew MacDonald has dropped a hawt BOP with VanJess, an R&B duo comprising sisters Ivana and Jessica Nwokike.

Dis N Dat is well worth a stream I promise and don’t be shy to click on the repeat button.

Shania Twain – Waking Up Dreaming

SHANIA TWAIN IS BACK! I’ve been waiting five years but it feels more like 84… But we’re finally here! Waking Up Dreaming is taken from Shania’s upcoming album which is due next year.

Shania said: “I’ve spent the last couple years working away on new music, on my documentary (on Netflix btw and well worth your attention), on the Vegas residency, and it’s been such a creatively fulfilling time for me, I can’t wait for this next chapter and Waking Up Dreaming is just the start.”


Björk – Fossora 

Björk’s TENTH studio solo album has arrived and I know her music isn’t for everyone but she really is a unique, majestic and yummy one of a kind artist that I truly admire for always being herself and super autobiographical and never chasing trends!

I need to mention the aesthetics of this era too, actually my favourite quote from Björk during this era so far is “my fungus period has been bubbly” which sort of describes the visuals, kind of!

POP FACT: for the first time, Sindri Eldon (Björk’s son) features on the album and so does Ísadóra Bjarkardóttir Barney, her daughter. Björk said: “Each album always starts with a feeling that I try to shape into sound. This time around the feeling was landing (after my last album utopia which was all island in the clouds element of air and no bass) on the earth and digging my feet into the ground.”

Björk mentioned the influence of the Cobid-19 pandemic on Fossora, explaining: “Seven billion of us did it together/nesting in our homes quarantining/being long enough in one place that we shot down roots”.

Oh and she said Fossora “Is a word I made up. It is the feminine of fossore (digger, delver, ditcher). so, in short, it means ‘she who digs’ (into the ground).”

My personal favourite tracks are Atopos (which gives me Pluto vibes), Ovule, Mycelia, Sorrowful Soil, Ancestress (I’m predicting will become a fan favourite and is dedicated to Björk’s late mother), Fagurt Er í Fjörðum, Victimhood, Allow, Fungal City, Trölla-Gabba, Freefall, Fossora and Her Mother’s House, so the whoooollllllllle album, that’s why it’s my album of the month!