Brighton gay radio!

Besi Besemar June 15, 2013

Brighton Gay Radio

Brighton Gay Radio is on line 24 hours a day playing poptastic music round the clock. DJ Mark ‘Marcia’ Jenkins, well known to Bulldog regulars as DJ Marcia is in charge of all programming which features camp classics from the last forty years of gayness. Mark has been resident DJ at the legendary Bulldog Glitterball Monday nights for the last 12 years.

Mark Jenkins
Mark Jenkins

The station runs 24 hours a day and you can find the daily schedule at

My particular favourite is Wednesdays All Presenting Day which features Marcia’s Brighton Whats On Guide for the over 70’s with fabulously out of fashion music at 8pm  JMD Superstar a weekly fans tribute show to the wonderfully camp Jane McDonald.

Mark started the station last July because he felt most gay media and radio stations cater for a youngish audience and are dance and business orientated.

Mark says:

“Working for years at the Bulldog I realised that many older queens (and some younger ones) reacted very well to the older, slightly camp classics.”

“Brighton Gay Radio gives me the opportunity to share my music passions with all those who are like minded.”

Marcia's Brighton
Marcia’s Brighton

The weekly schedule is as follows:

• Mondays: Marcias Glitterball Year featuring music from a year gone by and based on the legendary Bulldog Glitter Ball Nights.

• Tuesdays: Check out the online diary changes every week

• Wednesdays: Feature Marcia’s Brighton Show; A Whats On Guide for the over 70s with fabulously out of fashion music. If you want anything mentioned during the show just EMAIL: At 8pm there is a weekly fans tribute to the fabulously camp Jane McDonald. Marcia is a huge fan!

• Thursdays: Local resident Ian Fennell takes control with his community show Scene and Heard. If you want anything covered EMAIL: 

• Friday: ABBA Friday (once again slightly gay). Both this show and the Jane McDonald show have picked up a big following all over Europe

• Weekends: Features non stop camp classics covering everything  from Eurovision favourites, Pride Anthems to Madonna and 80s classics

Check out Brighton Gay Radio it is fabulously uplifting and yes fabulously camp: