Ladypat and Boogaloo Stu present ‘QUEER HEARTS’

Graham Robson August 18, 2022

Ladypat and Boogaloo Stu present QUEER HEARTS, a year-long project which will encompass a joint exhibition of new artworks, plus workshop events, and concluding in May 2023 with a cultural exchange between the artistsā€™ home locations of the Isle of Wight and Brighton.

Ladypat and Boogaloo Stu have worked together on many creative projects over the past 20 years, with Ladypat creating many pop videos and live show visuals for Stuā€™s musical endeavours. Both share a love of creating unbridled psychedelic and surreal pop art, filtered through a queer and humourous sensibility, across evolving and surprising media forms.

Stu’s hand-made dioramas are a transgressive playground of unearthly delights; while Ladypat deconstructs his own vector art into hand-made fuzzy-felt pieces. With a symbiotic connection linking both artistsā€™ work through aesthetics and digital techniques, the Queer Hearts exhibition will be a logical progression for the duo.

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Queer Hearts is supported by: Arts Council England, Ventnor Exchange, Brave Island,Ā MindOut, Marlborough Productions andĀ Brighton Fringe.