BOOK REVIEW: Spirit of Gin

January 29, 2015


The Spirit of Gin

By Matt Teacher

A stirring miscellany of the new gin revival from the delightful Mr. Teacher brings us bang up to date with Hogarth’s favorite tipple, Great Britain’s secret shame and the most modern and chic way to ruin one’s Mother in Shoreditch, Swansea or Seville.

The Spirit of Gin is an entertaining illustrated guide to the classic spirit, with a sharp focus on the modern gin revival led by innovative craft-gin distillers with their new fusions and ultra-modern blends.

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gin queen

This big thick book, full of lovely pictures, diagrams and curious details from the colourful and sordid history of gin, from its invention in eighteenth century London to today’s worldwide resurgence, provides detailed coverage of the methods, ingredients, and accoutrements of modern makers and purveyors; gives coverage to popular gin bars and classic cocktails with eclectic sidebars and interviews; and provides a complete catalogue of commercial and craft distilleries worldwide. So grab a bottle, and as the Queen Mother used to say, bottoms up!


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