REVIEW: The Last Queen of Scotland by Ray Barron-Woolford

November 27, 2019

The Last Queen of Scotland

Ray Barron-Woolford

This superbly researched and engaging books details the life of the most important UK civil-rights activist of the past 100 years you probably knew nothing about. Author Barron-Woolford has traced former Kirkcaldy schoolteacher Kath Duncan’s role in establishing the LGBTQ and civil rights movement in 1930’s Britain and revived her struggles and accomplishments.

Kath Duncan was a teacher and an activist turned into a leader. She was one of the first women to stand as a Parliamentary candidate. She was jailed twice for making political speeches and is responsible for the first House of Commons Civil Rights debate and the establishment of The National Council Civil Liberties, which is known as Liberty today. This book brings Duncan’s passionate struggle as a leading civil rights campaigner who fought for social justice endlessly throughout her life into sharp focus and allows us to revaluate this overlooked working-class woman & pioneering LGBTQ+ activist and add another flagstone into the long road and history of equality campaign in the UK’s radical compassionate communities.


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