June 16, 2016


Why Drag?

Magnus Hastings

With a waspish foreword from Boy George, from the first page this book establishes itself as a force to reckon with. This book is as fierce as the people celebrated and highlighted within it. These 244 huge colorful pages of the biggest and most diverse drag queens across America and beyond are all answering the question: Why Drag? The images are excellent from the cover to the end plate, thoughtful insightful and full of humour, it’s a real page turner. There’s a collection of interviews, profiles and reflective pieces about the nature of Drag and how it changes the performers, the audience and society.


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The book is run through with Drags’ queer wisdom and never stops short of celebrating all the delightful infinite variety of being exquisite, beautiful and stunningly Drag. The book has an international flavour which also demonstrates the impact of Drag and some of its performers in global media culture and also features Brighton’s very own sexy chanteuse Le Gateau Chocolate in all his voluptuous refulgent sassy glory.


The books answers its own question with a huge sequined high-heeled ‘because we CAN!’.

Hastings; one of the UK’s leading photographers from the last decade describes himself as ‘a celebrity photographer with a thing for drag queens’, but Oh, Honeychild those words are far too small for the glory of this divinely captured book.

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Out now. Hardback, Full colour.