BOOK REVIEW: All you need is Love

June 28, 2016

All you need is Love

Shanie Collins

Written and illustrated by local author and illustrator Shanie Collins this excellent and engaging book celebrates families of all shapes and sizes. With a page to each story, intended to be read along with and huge full colour fun illustrations and some up beat stories covering all types of modern ( and post-modern ) families and the ways in which our glorious LGBT community has  given itself whole heartedly to raising healthy, well-adjusted and diverse families. Recommended for younger readers and for anyone with children this book explores family life.


Collins adapts her fun style which is a cross between Quentin Blake and Dr Seuss to the various ways that families interact and grow. Collins adds humour and some subtle insight and some knowing experience to this book to make it a pleasure to read for both younger readers and adults.

Recommended for the younger reader.

Out now. 

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It’s £7.50 + P&P and can buy directly from author here: