DC Comics: Queer Justice League Vote

Paul Wright April 3, 2021

Iconic superhero publishers DC Comics are gauging interest in an all queer version of Justice League via a vote on social media. The home of Batman and Wonder Woman ¬†directed fans to a DC Round Robin on Twitter to vote for the new title. Justice League Queer (JLQ) is one of 16 titles under consideration.‚ÄúEight young queer heroes investigate a series of monstrous manifestations around the world and discover that something much more terrifying is coming‚ÄĚ is the synopsis for JLQ.

Other titles under consideration include Green Lanterns: Underworld On Fire, a Green Lantern characters teaming of Hal Jordan and Kyle Rayner; Suicide Squad Seven, where Harley Quinn leads a band of super-criminals against an evil cult; Paws Off the Justice League, a super-pet spin off of Justice League and Robins, a story in which all the former Robins  meet up to tell stories about their adventures. Voting has already begun and JLQ is up against Robins.

To vote for a new DC title head to Twitter and cast your choice

Last month DC announced a celebratory Pride Anthology is coming this June.