BOOK REVIEW: Larrikin Lads Paul Freeman

January 11, 2020

Larrikin Lads

Paul Freeman

This fourth book from Freeman in his ‘Larrikin’ series is called – Lads. Photographed mainly in England, focusing on superbly thick and muscled working men, who are werking it.

Here they are depicted toiling and cavorting in eroticised  semi-rural, semi-industrial environments, used skilfully to emphasise visceral masculinity and stoicism, but also to accentuate vulnerabilities, oh and with perfectly styled hair.

The accompanying text tells us the ‘happy perseverance of men amongst the dirt is, along with their unashamed nakedness, one of the signature Freeman eulogies to male beauty, strength and sensuality.’ I’m too kind to argue with that and I’m glad I noticed it as there was a lot of prime polished beefcake to distract me from the earnest accompanying information.

This full colour photo book is a superb addition to anyone’s coffee table collection of tasty nudie buff blokes.

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