BOOK REVIEW: An Odd Sock Story: Rose & Jan Hart, Elvira Grassia,

March 23, 2017

An Odd Sock Story

Rose Hart, Elvira Grassia, Jan Hart (Illustrator)

Socks go missing in the laundry all the time, but where do they go?
Join Malcolm, Petunia and all of their friends on an exciting journey through the colourful,  visually funny and well imagined delightful Sockland!
Following Malcom the odd sock on his adventures across the puntastic Sockland we find out if lost socks are destined to be alone, or if the community of Sockland can accept a happily mismatched pair, and what happens when odd socks match….

This charming and fun children’s story uses its engaging  narrative to respectfully addresses some of the challenging & complex  social issues of today, staying inclusive and easy to understand,  while its imaginative, vibrant illustrations bring a never-before-seen Sockland to life. An Odd Sock Story as a fun and informative way to help children learn that families, people, couples and socks come in many different shapes, colours, and sizes. I was never quite sure why the socks have gendered names, but perhaps it all works out in the wash.

There’s some lovely interactive stuff on line to support the book including some fun drawing and colouring-in downloads, ¬†you can check out their very cool website here.¬†

Pre-kindergarten teacher Elvira Grassia and singer/songwriter Rose Hart began to create and develop An Odd Sock Story while both living and working in New York City. It was when they teamed up with Jan Hart, based in London, that the idea was brought to life with vibrant and imaginative illustrations. The three continued to develop the journey of these socks into the fun and thoughtful story it has become.

Out now

£8.99 Paperback

To buy the book, see more info or follow the further adventures of Malcolm on facebook see the publishers website here: