The UK’s first LGBTU youth summer camp

Besi Besemar August 8, 2013

Mosaic Summer Camp

The Mosaic LGBT Youth Centre has launched the UK’s first summer camp catering exclusively for LGBTU teenagers aged between 13-18, which will take place in Snowdonia, Wales between August 18-24.

The camp will offer a combination of workshops and outdoor experiences for like-minded individuals in a friendly environment that is supportive, non-judgemental, diverse and non-heteronormative for like-minded individuals

Lukasz Konieczka, Mosaic LGBT Youth Centre Manager, said:

“LGBT young people can feel isolated, depressed and lonely in what is predominantly heterosexual world around them. Having space where they can belong and be part of something positive is vital in order to build positive self-esteem and resilience”

For more information on the summer camp, CLICK HERE:  

Mosaic LGBT Youth Centre is a London-based leading provision for LGBT young people aged 13-19 offering mentoring, training and consultancy as well as school delivered anti-homophobia workshops.